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Indoor League

Powered by HitTrax

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How does it work?

Using HitTrax technology live games can be played inside the batting cage. HitTrax is the first professional simulator that measures the speed and trajectory of a batted ball and provides a realistic outcome displayed on a TV or other projection screen. HitTrax keeps up with balls/strikes, outs, and allows each player to score/advance runners based on batted balls. Watch your hits soar through the defense as you try to avoid double plays and drive in the winning run on your favorite MLB field scaled to your age level.

  • Experience exciting competition in the cage

  • Take meaningful at-bats in a competitive environment (machine pitch with breaking balls)

  • Players will get 50-100 at-bats (more than most high school seasons)

  • Track your individual and team performance through the season with individual player profiles/stats, team standings, and leaderboards.

Questions? Please contact me at

Saturdays Oct 29, Nov 5, Nov 12, Nov 19, Dec 3, Dec 10

Each team will play a 1 hour double header (two 6 inning games weekly)

The top two teams will play for the championship December 10

Age Requirement

6 - 12th grade.

Entry Limit

Entry is limited to the first 32 players who register.


Players will be divided into teams of 3-4 players. You can create your own team or be placed on a team. 

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