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"If you aren't assessing you're guessing."

On Base University - Hitting Screen


The On Base University screen features 12 mobility tests used to evaluate a hitter's ability to perform basic movements necessary for the body to optimally swing the bat and hit balls hard! We no longer want to see coaches and players getting frustrated trying to teach a technique the player's body simply cannot perform!

Often times coaches can identify mechanical flaws related to hitting technique using video and comparison; however, coaches who do not perform a mobility screen are missing key information. Many times, the reason hitters cannot swing the bat a certain way relates to limited mobility, stability, or maybe a prior injury. Without an efficient movement screen, coaches and players often get frustrated by trying to swing a certain way, but the player's body physically cannot do it!

The On Base University screen allows coaches to identify potential issues with the body that may hinder the mechanics of an efficient swing. Coaches can modify the technique to accommodate physical limitations or recommend exercises to improve strength and mobility issues. The results of the screen will inform coaches and players of what swing mechanics may be hindered as a result of the body movement profile - we now have the answers to this hitter's current problems or potential problems and we can start correcting these areas!

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