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Swing Angry - Damage Mode

Online Coaching (limited availability)
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Remote Training and Tips - From Anywhere

Online lessons can be done from anywhere that is convenient for you. You can train in your garage, basement, spare room, backyard, or another area that works for you. Online training provides easy access to quality instruction - no long-distance travel required!

How does online coaching work?


Powered by OnForm, an industry leader in video analysis and online coaching, Swing Angry instruction will be able to analyze your swing video and send you a custom breakdown of your swing. Using your smartphone or tablet, capture your best swing from the side view - send in the clip - and receive constructive feedback. Join our Online Hitting Course and become the hitter pitchers fear!

What you get?​

  • Personal coaching through the OnForm application

  • Send/share video, text messages, file attachments and more

  • Video analysis

  • Corrective tips and drills

  • Private conversation with your coach - hitting advice, tips, etc.

  • Access to the Swing Angry Hitting Course

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