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Pitching Assessment

Unleash Your Full Potential with Rapsodo Pitching Training. Rapsodo is a state-of-the-art ball tracking system used by professional teams and athletes around the world. It offers precise, real-time data on every pitch and hit, helping players understand their strengths and areas for improvement. Our expert coaches use this information to create tailored training programs that maximize your potential.

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The Assessment 

  1. Initial Setup:

    • Our Rapsodo system is calibrated and ready to capture your performance data accurately.

  2. Warm-Up:

    • Players will go through a brief warm-up to ensure they are ready to perform at their best.

  3. Pitching Assessment:

    • Players will throw a series of pitches while the Rapsodo system records detailed metrics and records video of each pitch.

    • Data collected includes pitch velocity, spin rate, spin efficiency, release angle, horizontal and vertical break, and more.

  4. Data & Video Analysis:

    • Our expert coaches will analyze the data collected from the Rapsodo system.

    • A comprehensive report will be generated, highlighting key metrics and insights.

  5. Personalized Feedback:

    • Players will receive a detailed breakdown of their performance.

    • Coaches will provide actionable feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Benefits of Assessments

  • Accurate Performance Data: Get precise measurements of your pitching and hitting metrics.

  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses: Understand where you excel and where you can improve.

  • Customized Training Plans: Receive personalized coaching based on your unique data.

  • Track Progress Over Time: Regular assessments help monitor your development and adjust training as needed.

  • Boost Confidence: Knowing your exact metrics and how to improve them can increase your confidence on the field.

Why Choose Us?

We are committed to providing our athletes with the best tools and training to succeed. The addition of the Rapsodo system allows us to offer unparalleled insights and a data-driven approach to player development. Whether you're looking to enhance your pitching accuracy or increase your hitting power, our assessments are the key to unlocking your full potential.

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