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Asynchronous hitting conversations with other hitting coaches and athetes

Video Analysis

Capture video of a swing and get instant feedback

Drills and Flaws

Explore drills and attack common swing flaws

What is it?

Join a members only community for hitting development. This is an opportunity to join an exclusive platform designed simply for developing hitters. Athletes, coaches, instructors, and parents will all benefit inside the Swing Angry - Damage Mode+ Plus program.

Swing Analysis

Want feedback on a swing? Simply capture video inside the platform and share it. You will be able to share it directly with Matthews Baseball & Softball Instruction and/or other members of the hitting community. 

Hitting Strategy & Approach

Do you want to talk about hitting strategies, hitting in counts, situational hitting, two strike hitting, or other situations or ideas? This is the place to communicate and exchange dialogue. 

Drills & Hitting Flaws

Do you have a question about a certain drill? Are you trying to fix a certain hitting flaw? Inside the +Plus platform you can receive recommended drills and tips from some of the best hitting trainers!

Convenient 24/7 Access

As an asynchronous platform you can participate at your convenience - conversations are automatically saved and available for viewing when it's best for you!

How does it work?

Once you make your purchase, you will receive email instructions on how to join the private hitting community!

JOIN NOW $12 Monthly

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