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Ahoskie Location
1323 E Memorial Dr. Ahoskie, NC 27910

Facility Features:

  • Parent/Spectator area

  • Free guest WiFi

  • 4,400 sq ft training floor

  • Two full length 70' batting cages equipped with pro grade screens, tees, baseballs, softballs and pro pitching machines.

  • One shorter 35' cage - great for tee work and front toss

  • HitTrax - professional hitting simulator for tracking hitting performance.

  • Blast Motion - professional bat sensors to measure bat speed and swing path.

  • Athlete lounge & meeting area.

  • Weight training area.

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All new trainees must complete an assessment prior to booking instructional sessions.

Age 10+ Assessment: $150
Assessments are approximately 90 minutes and include an age-appropriate baseline evaluation of hitting skill and performance measurements, training goals, and training resources.

1. Blast Motion Report (bat speed and swing path data)
2. HitTrax Report (batted ball profile including exit velocity and overall hitting performance)
3. Slow Motion Video Analysis and biomechanics
4. Training resources an
d recommendations

The assessment evaluates the complete profile of a hitter in front toss and vs pitching machines simulating live ABs at an age-appropriate level. 

Rookie Assessment: $100 (7 to 9 years old) 

-This is an abbreviated form of the full assessment. It is a 60-minute session designed to establish baseline measurements and goal setting for beginner athletes. Athletes will receive performance reports and training resources similar to the full assessment. 

Pitching Assessments: $100 (Ages 9 and up)

Pitching Assessment:

  • Players will throw a series of pitches while the Rapsodo system records detailed metrics.

  • Data collected includes pitch velocity, spin rate, spin efficiency, release angle, horizontal and vertical break, and more.

Data Analysis:

  • Our expert coaches will analyze the data collected from the Rapsodo system.

  • A comprehensive report will be generated, highlighting key metrics and insights.

Personalized Feedback:

  • Players will receive a detailed breakdown of their performance.

  • Coaches will provide actionable feedback and recommendations for improvement.

Basic $80 Monthly

-Membership covers your entire immediate family.
-Unlimited 30-minute cage rentals (up to one per day during open hours).

-10% discounts on lessons, camps.

-Train consistently all year

Premium $200 Monthly
-Membership for the entire immediate family.

-Unlimited 30-minute cage rentals (up to one per day during open hours).
-One free 30-minute session each month.
-15% discounts on additional lessons/camps.
-Train consistently all year.

Elite Ages 10+ $300 Monthly
-Membership for the immediate family.

-Unlimited 30-minute or 60-minute cage rentals (up to one per day during open hours).
-Four free 60-minute sessions each month.
-20% discounts on additional lessons/camps.

-Train consistently all year.

*Group training is only for athletes ages 10+. All athletes must have completed a hitting assessment prior to joining a group session. 


Refunds: After receipt of payment, no refunds will be given. Credit may be offered for future training (within 1 year) if written notification is received within 48 hours of the start of service. Credit is non-transferable. Written notification should be sent to Brandon Matthews (


Memberships: Membership plans are valid at the time of purchase and are non-refundable or transferable. This plan is an automatic recurring purchase each month until canceled by the customer. It includes all features and benefits described in the plan details and places the correct amount of sessions in your account each billing period. Unused sessions do not roll to the next month. Memberships may be cancelled at the discretion of Swing Angry LLC at any time.

Booking Policy: Appointments are available using the Book a Service tab. Clients can book a session up to one hour before the start of service.


Cancel/Reschedule Policy: Clients can cancel and reschedule a session through the online booking system up to 48 hours before the start of service at no charge, otherwise, full payment for services is expected. We ask that you only schedule a session for a time that you are positive you can attend. Written notification must be received within the 48 hour window. Legitimate Injuries, illness, or rescheduled games are the only exceptions. Cancelling sessions due to “last minute” scheduled practices is not an exception. 

No-Show Policy: Pre-paid members who no-show will simply lose that session from their package. Non-paid no-show clients will be charged the full session fee prior to the next session.

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