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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”

Professional Training Equipment



HitTrax simulator technology allows us to track batted balls in real-time. You can hit at your favorite ballpark, adjusted to your age level. Exit velocity, launch angle, distance, contact point, and hit outcomes are all live on each batted ball. Play homerun derby and live games up to 9 innings with friends


Baseball Rebellion

We use the Rebel Rack and other tools from Baseball Rebellion to build fast powerful hitters through a movement progression that increases rotational speed while developing proper posture body movement.


Blast Motion

We use sensors attached to the bat to track the details of each swing - including bat speed, attack angle, time to contact, swing path, and much more.


Diamond Kinetics

We use sensors attached to the bat to track the details of each swing - including bat speed, attack angle, time to contact, swing path, and much more.


Backspin Tee

The backspin tee and the elite angle attachment allows hitters to hit the ball at the proper angle of a live pitched ball - it's unique design allows hitters to attack the ball properly promoting hard line drives.

axe speed trainers.jpg

Axe Bat

The Axe bat company is a leader in bat technology and design. With a unique handle and barrel design hitters are able to swing with better path and speed. The Axe bat speed trainers are a great tool for overload and underload training - building strength and speed during batting practice!

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Driveline Baseball

We have the latest training equipment from Driveline baseball including hitting plyo-balls and training bats!


Half Bat

The Half Bat is designed to train quality swing path as one side of the bat is flat and one side is shaped like a normal barrel. Hitters learn to hit the ball flush or square vs cutting or spinning off the ball.

quant tee.jpg

Quant Tee

The Quant tee is the first tee designed that uses real batted ball data to determine the optimal swing path to hit various pitch locations. Train your swing to be on the path for all areas of the htiting zone. 

short bat.png

Driveline Axe Short

Powered by Driveline Baseball programming, the short trainer is an excellent tool to help improve:

  • adjusting to pitch height with posture

  • contact quality at deeper points of contact

  • staying “connected” or in a powerful position at contact

  • late torso rotation


FollowThru Bat

The FollowThru bat is a 30" weighted bat that increases bat speed, strength, and the ability to effectively get behind the baseball using auditory feedback as the hitter turns the barrel to the ball! Properly attack all zones with speed and efficiency!


SuperSpeed Sluggers

The SuperSpeed Slugger is a proven training program to increase bat speed. Each set includes three training bats, one that is 20% lighter than your game bat, one 10% lighter, and one 5% heavier.

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Professional Drills

Experience various drills tailored to your individual needs as well as informative classroom-style sessions that will make you a better hitter! We discuss hitting video and hitting topics/strategies that will help refine your approach and mental preparation.


Vintage Baseball Ball

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