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"If you aren't assessing you're guessing."

Win Reality

The most advanced pitch recognition tool available

Win Reality is a company that kicked off in 2020 and is looking to use virtual reality as a means of improving the real-life skills of those who play baseball and softball. The company specializes in an application that teaches players how to better read pitches and improve their approach at the plate.

Win Reality also comes with recommendations from a variety of notable athletes at all levels. First basemen Paul Goldschmidt and Pete Alonso, of the St. Louis Cardinals and New York Mets respectively, have praised the technology behind the product. Others such as San Francisco Giants outfielder Mike Yastrzemski have said that Win VR’s tools have even helped him improve at the major league level.


Most athletic training focuses on physical aspects such as mechanics, reps, and conditioning, with less emphasis on mental components such as pitch recognition, reaction time, swing decisions, plate discipline, and consistency. Win Reality provides REAL training for baseball and softball athletes vs Pro, College, HS, and Youth pitchers! Athletes can get unlimited virtual reps, anytime, anywhere, which means no more falling behind due to weather, daylight, illness, or injury to develop their skills.

In as little as 15 minutes, athletes can see over 100 live in-game pitches. As hitters, we want our training to translate to the game. Finally, we can step inside the box and prepare in an environment that matches the real game. Hitters will train the skills that are required to succeed against in-game pitching, including: strike zone discipline, pitch type identification, and reaction time.

  • Improve timing. Hitters learn to read the pitch type and initial ball flight within about 20 ft (baseball) or 14 ft (softball) of the release point. This allows hitters to make better swing decisions and better swing adjustments.

  • Experience thousands of virtual plate appearances. What athletes see out of the pitcher’s hand associates with pitch location, velocity and movement. Get in virtual reps using the Win Reality system. Was it a ball? Strike? Curve? Change up? Where was the location?

  • Swing at strikes, not balls. Develop plate discipline and aggressive hitting by recognizing the pitch earlier.

  • Increase confidence. Have your hitters step into the box with confidence having seen that pitcher, or one like them, hundreds of times.

  • Improve offensive statistics. Early pitch recognition improves success in the box. Hitters with greater pitch recognition walk more, strike out less, chase fewer pitches out of the zone and have a higher slugging percentage.



  • 9% improvement in plate discipline after training.

  • Players who trained with WIN Reality acquired skills 7x faster than traditional methods

  • Teams that trained with WIN saw a 23% increase in wins!

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