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Baseball Players

Youth Teams

2024 Season
(Limited spots per team)

9U: Player cannot turn 10 prior to May 1, 2024. Mound: 46' Bases: 65'

10U: Player cannot turn 11 prior to May 1, 2024. Mound: 46' Bases: 65'

11U: Player cannot turn 12 prior to May 1, 2024. Mound: 50' Bases: 70'

12U: Player cannot turn 13 prior to May 1, 2024. Mound: 50' Bases: 70'

13U: Player cannot turn 14 prior to May 1, 2024. Mound: 60' Bases: 90'

2024 Tryout Dates (Register by 11/17/23)

9U - 12U: Sat 11/18/23 12pm - 3pm

9U - 12U: Sun 12/3/23 2pm - 5pm

13u: Sun 11/19/23 2pm - 5pm

13U: Sat 12/2/23 2pm - 5pm

Location: Easons Crossroads Ballpark - Gatesville, NC











































Swing Angry Youth Baseball Infographic.png
  • Where are practices and training sessions held?
    Teams practice in small groups and full squad settings approximately 2x per week in the Roanoke-Chowan areas of Gates County and Hertford County (Gatesville, Ahoskie, Aulander)
  • Where do you play tournaments?
    We participate in various tournament locations including Elizabeth City, Snow Hill, Rocky Mount, and Raleigh/Durham. Tournaments largely depend on the availability of age-appropriate tournaments within the surrounding areas.
  • What does it mean to be player development focused?
    We want our players to learn the skills to become better athletes in the long-term. We won't sacrifice long-term development for short-term wins. We will not risk player health/safety to win a game. We don't need a player to pitch just one more inning, catch every inning, or over work themselves to risk injury. We believe in learning multiple positions and providing hitters the opportunity to learn to HIT vs being forced to BUNT during the early stages of development. We focus on building skills that scale - throwing hard and accurately - catching the baseball - hitting the ball hard - running the bases well - and being a competitor.
  • What equipment is needed?
    Players will need to provide their own solid grey and solid white baseball pants. Players are responsible for providing their own playing equipment, including, bats, gloves, and other necessary baseball equipment. Players will receive uniform jerseys and hats for competition.
  • What does it mean to be a USA PitchSmart program?
    USA PitchSmart is a program designed in partnership with MLB and USA Baseball to promote player arm care and pitching guidelines. Our teams will follow the recommended guidelines for daily pitch counts and required rest days between pitching appearances. We will not pitch players beyond the recommended guidelines even if tournament rules allow it. Each player is different, and their workload will be monitored appropriately for arm health. We try not to pitch and catch players on the same day of competition. If we do, the workload is limited.
  • What does a typical schedule look like?
    We treat each age group with an appropriate schedule based on their player development needs. Player development practices are scheduled 2x a week when we do not have a tournament scheduled that weekend and usually include one weeknight and a Saturday or Sunday practice. We typically participate in tournament play 2 weekends each month. Schedules may be modified based on the school baseball season.
  • Can I play community/rec ball too?
    We recommend our youth players participate in their local recreation leagues. We expect our players to continue to attend practices/development sessions, but we adjust our tournament schedules to accommodate and support the local community league schedule.
  • What if I play baseball at my school?
    During the spring baseball season, we expect our players to try out and participate in their respective school programs. We will continue to practice and train but we will accommodate and support player health/safety by adjusting our workouts and tournament schedule.
  • What training tools and resources do you have?
    As a Swing Angry player, you have access to all of the college/professional training tools and equipment our private members train with. This includes all of the top of the line hitting tools, such as pro pitching machines and bat sensors, HitTrax, and all of the training equipment for hitting development. All players will be able to track and measure their hitting growth from one playing season to the next.
  • As a parent, what is my role?
    This experience is all about the kids. In order to optimize the experience, there needs to be a set of ground rules we all follow and understand. My main goals are to 1) teach these kids baseball 2) create a fun and positive environment 3) do it in a first-class manner. We may not win every game, but we will be the model organization as it relates to how we represent ourselves and respect each other, other teams, and umpires. As parents you have the toughest job - being the source of encouragement and allowing someone else to coach your son. Kids don't want to disappoint their parents first and foremost. With that being said, they will notice your body language. When you are trying to give them tips - you only add pressure to them. The best situation for all of us is for you to plan on handing your kid over to the coaches for the duration of practices/games. Your child simply needs to hear you say, "I enjoyed watching you play." Clap for your kids, but do not coach from the other side of the fence. Allow me to do my job - coach them - while you have the pleasure of watching. I know this may be hard to do, but it is required for your child to have the best experience.
  • Attendance
    A large part of how your child improves is your responsibility. It takes little effort to be average, but it takes a consistent effort and time commitment to become great. Athletes will be expected to attend all practices/training sessions; however, I understand things come up. I simply ask that you communicate, in advance, if your child may miss something. Please understand that your child will have every opportunity to get better, but they must show up and do the work to receive and benefit from those opportunities.
  • Playing Time
    This is not rec ball, but each of you are paying for a systematic player development service. In practices and workouts, players will have the opportunity to play and learn different positions. The more positions they can play, the better off they will be as they advance to higher levels. The goal is to develop each athlete's strengths and improve their weaknesses. There will be times when your son bats at the top of the order, or the bottom of the order, sits on the bench, and plays positions he may not like. The goal is to learn the game. We will design practices and training sessions that allow your kid to learn through failure. We will communicate roles with your son before each game and try to blend winning and development.
  • Travel ball vs Rec ball
    In rec ball, the focus is on fun and participation. Everyone gets to play, regardless of their skill level. In travel ball, the focus is on competition and long-term development. Teams are formed based on skill level, and players are expected to work hard. Travel ball requires a lot of time and commitment from parents and players. Teams typically practice 2-4 weekly and participate in tournaments on weekends. There are also team fees and travel expenses.
  • How can I tell if my son is ready for this level of commitment?
    Travel ball is not for everyone. But if your son is serious about baseball and wants to improve his skills, then travel ball is a great option if you are in the right program. Here are a few things to consider: Is he passionate about baseball? Is he willing to work hard and dedicate more time to the sport? Is he able to handle competition and pressure? Is your family willing to make the time and financial commitment?
  • What advice would you give a family looking for a travel ball program?
    My advice is to do your research and find a good academy that is a good fit for your athletes and your family. Ask about the coaching philosophy, the team's goals, and the cost. It's also important to talk to your player and make sure he/she is invested in the opportunity.
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