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Baseball Players

Youth Teams

2023 Season

11U - 12U

We are proud to partner with Gametime Prospects - NC to offer a unique travel ball experience in eastern North Carolina. We have combined the Swing Angry training principles with an established travel organization to provide a premier player development program.

The goal is to provide a competitive and fun environment that will allow players to develop a strong athletic foundation as it relates to the skills that will help them advance in their baseball career. 

For more information related to the program email:

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Player Development Program

Hitting - Pitching/Throwing - Defense - Baserunning - Baseball IQ

Players will have the opportunity to learn multiple positions and experience a number of live at-bats during training and competition. 


Learn the same strategies used by athletes at the highest levels to gain confidence and handle the unique challenges and adversity that the game of baseball presents.


Improve strength, speed, and agility


Small group and full team practice 2x per week.


Flexible scheduling
Spring/Summer: March - May
Fall: September - November

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Guided Instruction & Proven Results

Indoor Hitting & Training

Team members will train in small groups each week inside our hitting facility to become competitive hitters. Each player will receive direct instruction complemented with the best tools and training technologies available. Sessions include the use of Blast Motion sensors to measure and improve Bat Speed & Swing Path, HitTrax technology to track exit velocity and real-time hitting performance. Players will be exposed to competitive training environments including tee, soft toss, coach pitch, and live at-bats using machines to face competitive fastballs & breaking balls.

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Experienced Coaching

Receive direct instruction from coaches who have played and/or coached at the highest levels.


If you want to experience the same old same this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a program that will develop the athlete first while winning some games along the way - this is for you.

It is my goal to

Keep it fun

Allow the players to play and learn the game

What do I need from you?

Enjoy watching your kid play - support the team - and enjoy the process.

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