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Swing Angry Live EP6 Jeff Leach

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Hitting Instructor Jeff Leach joined the show on January 27th to talk about hitting development.

You can catch the replay of the show here:

Jeff a driving force behind the HitForth facility in Texas where he develops hitters from the youth to the professional level.

Some of the show notes include:

Hitting Technology and the design of HitForth

Assessing and developing hitters through competitive environments.

Using objective data to help hitters develop

Evolving as a hitting instructor

Choosing the right bat as a hitter

Maximizing youth hitting development

Skills that scale to the big field

Wiffle ball and youth engagement

Taking the handcuffs off your hitters

Does bunting mean you can hit?

This was a great conversation with Jeff and if you would like to reach out to him follow him on twitter @CoachJeffLeach

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