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Swing Angry Live EP8 DK Willardson

DK Willardson joined Swing Angry Live on February 10th 2022 to discuss the data behind optimizing swing path to hit at the highest levels.

If you missed the live show be sure to catch the replay below:

DK is the owner of Hitting Tech Inc and author of Quantitative Hitting as well as the designer of the Quant Tee.

In the show, we talk about how DK uses MLB data and computer programming to calculate swing path data from the best hitters in the game. This data is the science behind the Quant Tee - which allows hitters to train all pitch locations with the correct swing path.

Should you emphasize backspin on a hit?

Should you be hitting the outside pitch deep?

What is a "level" swing and how does vertical bat angle impact quality contact?

What hitters in the game have the best swing path scores?

How does Joey Votto never pop up on the infield?

Follow DK on social media @QuantTee and @SwingGraphs and be sure to check out his book Quantitative Hitting.

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