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Swing Angry Live EP9 Kyle MacKinnon

Kyle is the Head Baseball Coach at McPherson College, an NAIA program in Kansas. He’s been there since 2016 and he’s also held some prominent coaching roles in collegiate summer ball as well as worked with the Ontario Blue Jays - one of Canada’s premier travel baseball programs.

Live video replay available here:

In the show we discuss:

1) Kyle's journey in the game and coaching experiences

2) McPherson College Baseball

3) NAIA vs NCAA 4) Recruiting -What do coaches look for?

-The best way to get noticed

-How to use email

-Social media

-Academics and scholarships

5) Player Development

-Fall practice design

-Pitcher vs Hitter battle

-Hitting strategies

-Challenging hitters in BP

-Importance of strength and conditioning

-Advice for helping youth athletes grow through the game

6) What do you know now that you wish you knew then?

Feel free to reach out to Kyle at the following:

Twitter: @warningtrackmac


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