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The Tale of Two Athletes

Two athletes, Alex and Ben, are both training for the start of the baseball season. They both have 18 weeks to prepare before opening day. Alex decides to work hard, consistently improving his skills by 1% each week. Ben, on the other hand, does very little training and hardly improves at all. Alex's Training: Alex starts his training by focusing on his fundamentals. He practices hitting, fielding, and running every day. He also works out in the gym to improve his strength and conditioning. As the weeks go by, Alex starts to see noticeable improvements in his game. He is hitting the ball with more power, fielding grounders and fly balls with ease, and running faster than ever before. Ben's Training: Ben, on the other hand, does not take his training seriously. He skips practices and workouts regularly. He also does not eat a healthy diet or get enough sleep. As a result of his lack of effort, Ben's skills do not improve. He is still struggling with the basics of the game, and he is not in good physical shape. Opening Day: Opening day arrives, and Alex and Ben are both nervous but excited to play. Alex takes the field and immediately makes an impact. He hits a line drive for a double, fields a ground ball flawlessly, and steals a base. Ben, on the other hand, struggles throughout the game. He strikes out twice, makes a key error, and is thrown out on the bases. Ben is later removed from the game. If you want more, you’ve got to become more.

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