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Mental Checklist - Offensive Reflection

Often times players and coaches get caught up in the physical and mechanical aspect of hitting development and overlook the mental side.

Practices usually focus 100% of hitting development on physical drills and repetition, but where we can make a large amount of progress is on the mental side. After a week or weekend of games, scrimmages, or tournaments it is important to evaluate where hitters are mentally. We can't control our performance - until we can control ourselves.

Below is an example of a checklist I used with my hitters. The idea is for hitters to identify where they were in each category and find areas that may need to improve. These are all things we can control and while we may not be perfect, we can strive to be excellent. Identify areas of weakness and come up with a plan to improve that area during practice/training so you can translate it to the game environment.

Hope this helps

See you on the diamond.

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