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Success Spotlight: Youth Hitter

Day 1

The first day a hitter comes into the facility we go through an assessment to establish a benchmark of where the hitter's current strengths and potential weaknesses are. After the assessment, we establish measurable goals and create an individual player development plan. We then get to work - testing our progress and making adjustments as necessary.

At 4'11" and 90lbs a young hitter walking into the facility doesn't appear to be an intimidating force at the plate; however, size can be deceiving.

Batted Ball Results Day 1

MAX EV: 62.9mph MAX Distance: 160ft AVG Launch Angle: 7 AVG EV: 55.4mph AVG Distance: 64ft AVG Hard Hit Angle: 10

As you can see on the spray chart to the left, this hitter was hitting most of his hard hit balls in the infield grass.

Typically, youth hitters struggle to properly pull the ball in the air and this was definitely the case with this left handed youth player.

Training goals were pretty simple:

1) improve his stride and launch position

2) improve swing path and contact point to more in front of the plate

3) increase his rotational acceleration speed (swing the barrel around his body vs letting the hands dominate the swing > early bat speed and depth through the hitting zone)

4) decrease ground ball % and increase line drive/fly ball %

January 28, 2020 (6th session)

Batted Ball Results Updated

MAX EV: 65.4mph MAX Distance: 224ft AVG Launch Angle: 15

AVG EV: 57.7mph AVG Distance: 117ft AVG Hard Hit Angle: 15

At 4'11" and 90lbs this guy is tapping into more potential than he ever thought he had!

His ground ball rate dropped to 24% and his line drive/power fly ball rate is 76%. This is an incredible amount of growth and production - a true testament to taking his training serious and putting in deliberate practice.

This kid is a pleasure to work with and I look forward to watching his continued growth!

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