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The Top Qualities College Coaches Seek in Hitters

If you haven't checked it out yet, Trey Hannam and Baseball IQ have released the survey results for what college coaches are looking for in hitters.

Check out the results below.

What are the most important qualities of a hitter?

Bat speed, Athletic, Winner, Baseball IQ

Bat speed is the speed at which the bat is traveling when it hits the ball. Bat speed is important because it allows a hitter to generate more power and hit the ball further.

Athleticism is important for hitters because it allows them to get into position to hit the ball, track pitches, and run the bases. Athletic hitters are also more likely to be able to hit the ball hard to all fields.

Winner is a more subjective quality, but it is important for hitters to have a winning mentality. This means being able to stay focused and positive in pressure situations, and never giving up on a plate appearance.

Baseball IQ is the knowledge and understanding of the game of baseball. This includes things like knowing how to read and attack pitchers, pick up signs, and make adjustments at the plate. Hitters with high baseball IQ are able to make better decisions and are more likely to be successful.

Where do you find your players? The leading source: Word of mouth. Coaches recruit players who have recommendations from trusted sources.

Weekend tournaments, word of mouth, and social media are the most popular choices.

Recruiting services are the least used source.


Technology/Recruiting Information

Coaches want to see Video, Blast Motion swing data, and verifying exit velocity from tools like HitTrax, Rapsodo, Trackman, etc.

Additional Items:

  • Love players who have self-awareness + are curious

  • Being coachable is the top trait we look for

  • Looking for athleticism, rhythm, and pitch recognition/bat to ball skills

  • Want players with a team first mindset

  • The exit velo off of a tee is sent to me all the time but I never look at it

  • Use your skills to get a degree because baseball can end at anytime

  • Want players who look the part. How do you prepare, dress, etc. What do your coaches say about you?

  • It’s hard to evaluate in game exit velocity. In-game results are not everything - we look at bat speed and mechanics first & foremost.

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